Bad copywriting is what brought me here. The continual misuse of punctuation, shocking grammar and monotonous content that makes my eyes glaze over. 




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Meet Fiona, Managing Director/Copywriter

I started off where most copywriters start off - not in copywriting.

After a brief affair with publishing (I miss the champagne) and a sidestep into magazine journalism (I miss the free stuff), I happened upon the wonders of copywriting. There are fistfuls of reasons why I've never looked back, but here are the three essentials:

  1. I can write about wedding dresses one day, motorbikes the next.
  2. People don't roll their eyes when I correct their grammar.
  3. I get to play with words aaaaall day long.

My clients range from wallpaper makers to forestry investments, worldwide brands to boutique hotels, and established businesses to start-ups. If you want to speak volumes to your target audience, get in touch.