Bad copywriting is what brought us here. The continual misuse of punctuation, shocking grammar and monotonous content that makes our eyes glaze over. 




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Meet Fiona, Managing Director/Copywriter

I started off where most copywriters start off - not in copywriting.

After a brief diversion in publishing (I miss the champagne) and a sidestep into magazine journalism (I miss the free stuff), I happened upon the wonders of copywriting. There are fistfuls of reasons why I've never looked back, but here are the three main ones:

  1. I can write about wedding dresses one day, motorbikes the next.
  2. People don't roll their eyes when I correct their grammar.
  3. I get to play with words aaaaall day long.

Working with the one and only, totally quirky Alix King, our clients range from wallpaper makers to forestry investments, worldwide brands to boutique hotels, and from established businesses to start-ups.

Meet Alix, Copywriter

I also started off in publishing.

After studying for my journalism degree, I waded into the world of lad’s mags and enjoyed the bright lights of the city (and the parties…). After a brief dalliance with the legal industry (and a law degree), I found that copywriting was perfect for me because:

  1. I can write all day every day, and feel proud when people read (and like) my work.
  2. I can make a real difference to a business (or person) with my love of language.
  3. Laughing about bad grammar/spelling/punctuation is now acceptable as a daily ritual (as Fi and I often do).

Working with Fiona means our passion for the written word is magnified, which can only be a good thing! Let us expand your mind, and your business, with our love of words.