Blogging – the superhero of marketing and SEO.

You may recoil in horror at the word ‘blog’. Who, after all, has time to sit down and write one? There are accounts to do, people to call, emails to send, tea to be made…

But that doesn’t take away from the fact that a good blog does wonders for your company’s online profile.

The solution? Leave it to Tiptop Copy.

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Improve your Google ranking, brand identity and PR

Blogs are essentially another marketing platform. Not only do they up the ante in terms of branding, but also improve customer relations and help get your business ‘out there’.

They also increase traffic to your website. How? Because Google likes it when you continually refresh your website's content.

Write a good'un, or don’t write one at all

A poorly written blog does more harm than not having one at all. Why? Because it’s like putting up a rubbish billboard that makes your company look unprofessional and shoddy.

So, if you’re disinclined to write one yourself, don’t. Your lack of enthusiasm will seep through the words like rising damp.

A professional copywriter, however, will produce a blog that is simultaneously entertaining and informative, using SEO driven copy to nudge your Google ranking up. We'll write to impress, increasing your chances of getting 'shared' and 'liked' on social media.

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