Get on the right side of the media.

Press releases are a way of letting the media know there’s something going on with your company. But take heed:  they are NOT a form of free advertising. And if a journalist gets a whiff of anything remotely 'salesy', they won't be impressed...

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Hit hard with journalist-friendly copywriting

The information in a press release has to be newsworthy. In other words, it has to be something that will prick the ears of the publication’s editor, and their audience.

Editors and journalists are very busy people, so your press release needs to be written in a style that floats their boat and grabs their attention. There are formats to follow, rules to adhere to and readerships to take into account…

Tiptop Copy will identify the most newsworthy aspects of your company and write a press release exactly how the editors want it to be written.

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