Make friends with Google.

Let’s avoid the technical talk and speak in layman’s terms: SEO is Search Engine Optimisation. It lets Google know what your page is about. And the more Google knows what your page is about, the higher it'll rank you. 

Bish bash bosh.

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Get your website SEO'D

First off, having a blog makes Google happy. To read why, click here.

Secondly, by identifying keywords for your business and using them often and in the appropriate places, you’ll rank higher on Google. Simple.

But there’s an art to doing this well.

Read this:

"Welcome to Buttercup Baby Clothing, the baby clothing store that sells all types of baby clothing for babies that need clothes."

Google would take a strong disliking to this keyword hurricane and penalise you for it. It also makes you look a bit crazy. If SEO copywriting is done well, then you won’t even notice that words are being repeated because it will be done naturally.

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