Your website is on the frontline.

And so is its copywriting.

Your company website is your most valuable marketing tool, which means its copywriting needs to be flawless.

But writing for the web is not the same as writing a sales letter or brochure. In fact, it’s not the same as writing anything else at all...

Website Copywriting Intro Image

Grab their attention before they scarper

Your website has 3-10 seconds to hook people in. This isn’t hard to believe; how often do you click on a website only to return to Google before you can say antidisestablishmentarianism?

People surf the web at a breakneck speed and are ludicrously impatient with it. So if your website's copy doesn't hit the mark then they’re not going to stick around.

And even if they do stick around, they’re more likely to skim read rather than take in every word. This means your message needs to come across clearly, without them having to search for it.

Get liked

Social media provides excellent exposure opportunities, so it's important your website is getting a slice of the action. We'll help create content that gets 'shared' and 'liked' such as blog posts, news articles and useful resources. Nowadays it's not just about selling a product or service, it's also about becoming an authority in your field so that you attract more customer attention. 

Here’s what you’ll get from good website copywriting:

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